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Galoob and the mystery of “Doom”

Old school wrestling fans will fondly remember the tag team of Butch Reed and Ron Simmons. You’ll probably also remember that they never wore sweatpants and Nikes to the ring! So how did Galoob end up releasing the Doom duo in such inaccurate attires? For a team that wore basic black trunks and boots it was an odd choice to say the least…


Galoob prototype shot of “Doom” in their sports attires

Some years ago I acquired a large amount of WCW photo’s from their photo shoots in the very late 80s and early 90s. Typically these shots were taken in bulk and used by a number of licensees at the time – Galoob, JusToys, Hope etc. A number were also used for general promo shots and magazine ads.

So, to cut to the story, within these photo’s were multiples of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed in the same exact gear they were given on their Galoob figures.


“Doom” WCW photo shoot showing them in their sports gear

From these photos you can see that the sculptors stuck to the exact attires photographed. I found out some years later that JusToys did the exact same thing and released Doom in these outfits for their Bendem’s range. A toy company making a mistake like this wasn’t new but how did these photo’s get circulated and why did nobody at WCW flag this up? They must have had to sign off on the figures.  Who knows? maybe it was too late. The extra paint detail required for the shoes on Reed and even the cropping of the sweatpants on Simmons must have surely added to their costs. If I remember rightly, Galoob had to correct some of the Butch Reed figures because of potential copyright issues with Nike. All they needed were solid blank trunks and boots! Weird.

……So the figures were produced with them basically wearing what they turned up to the photo shoot in!

Stick with title for more interesting tales from the world of wrestling figures.


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